Delivery schedule:
Warehouse couriers deliver Mondays & Wednesdays across the Santa Rosa campus

Pick Up:
Warehouse couriers pick up from the Graphics/Copy Center mailbox at Bailey Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays only.

Delivery locations:

  • Beck Hall 
  • Lark Service Center
  • Call Children's Center
  • Baker Hall 
  • Maggini Service Center - 1st floor
  • Barnett Hall - ESL
  • Bailey Hall offices and Mail Room for delivery to Petaluma Campus and PSTC
  • Garcia Hall 
  • Bookstore 
  • Bertolini Student Service Center 
  • Doyle Library
  • Bertolini Student Service Center
  • Plover Hall 
  • Bussman Service Center
  • Shuhaw Hall
  • Race Building
  • Emeritus Service Center
  • English Department
  • Forsyth Hall 
  • Burbank Auditorium