Department Copiers

All copiers on campus are managed by the Copy Center Specialist.

Convenience/departmental copiers are for small coping needs. Large copying jobs should be sent to the Copy Center for reproduction. Our courier service provides convenient delivery and pick up service that can save you time and effort. This will also extend the life of your department copier.

The high speed copier at the Copy Center has the ability to insert a variety of paper colors and cover sheet stock in your document. In addition, we offer printed tabs. 

Meter Readings

Monthly meter readings for each department copier are requested by e-mail. For correct billing please respond promptly with an accurate meter count. 

If you need assistance with reading the impression counts, auditron codes or finding the device serial number for your particular copier, please call Erik Jones at (707) 527-4697.

Service Calls 

If you experience problems with your copier, it is very important that you call the copier company for repair services. The name and telephone number of the copier service company is listed on the front of each copier. When you place a service call be sure you have the make and model number of your copier available for the service technician. 

By calling, you establish a record of the copier's performance. If the copier has repeated problems, that record enables us to help you get your copier repaired. If the downtime or amount of service calls is significant, the service call record provides the basis for potential replacement of the poorly performing copier.

Copier Manual Downloads

Please select from the following list to download the manual your department copier.

FS-1035MFP FS-1135MFP End Users Guide Manual.

FS-6525MFP-6530MFP Users Guide Manual Operation Manual.

TA 3500i TA-4500i TA-5500i Manual Users Guide User's End User.

TA-3050ci TA-3550ci TA-4550ci TA-5550ci Manual Operation Guide Users.

Job Accounting FS-6525MFP-6530MFP Users Guide.